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.tga - Shark - 02-16-2020

All the screenshots I've saved have been saved as .tga files. Not good.
Is there a way to have them saved in another format? BMP?

RE: .tga - GodOfWonders - 02-16-2020

Should be able to open them up with a photo editor and save them as another file type.

RE: .tga - Shark - 02-17-2020

I didn't want to download another program to convert the .tga files. 
Are you saying changes can't be made on the server side?

RE: .tga - GodOfWonders - 02-18-2020

I added the extension so see if it works.

RE: .tga - GodOfWonders - 02-21-2020

Just checking to see if it worked for you or not.

RE: .tga - Shark - 02-22-2020

Unfortunately, it didn't work. 
I'll just find a program and us it to convert the files. 
I appreciate the effort, amigo.  Shy

RE: .tga - GodOfWonders - 02-22-2020

Not a problem. I don't know many things that use .tga files so I find it weird that your screenshots were saved as .tga. I just went through mine and they have all been saved as .jpg files. So I wonder if there is a setting somewhere that got changed or something?

RE: .tga - Shark - 02-23-2020

The .tag files are files saved from our GO server. 
I've saved other file from pL and they were saved as .bmp files. 
The only thing that I see different with the two files is where they were saved. 
The .bmp files were saved in my CSGO folder.
The .tag files were saved in my CSGO screenshots folder.

RE: .tga - GodOfWonders - 02-23-2020

Found this on reddit:

Quote:The command "screenshot" takes a .tga screenshot, and "jpeg" takes a .jpg screenshot. So bind your screenshot key to the jpeg command.

Try this and see if that fixes it for you.